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If you find yourself south of Chicago's Loop on any given day, you are bound to run into dogs walking their people. You wouldn't expect to see so many dogs in the heart of a city, but Chicago's South Loop excels in its dog population. Perhaps it is because most of the loft living accommodates pets, or maybe it is the abundance of neighborhood parks. Whichever it is there are definitely plenty of dog lovers. This site was created because we felt Chicago was missing an online dog community. JB Interaction initially went around the South Loop during the summer of 2000 and photographed over 100 dogs with their humans. Of course we only scratched the surface. We encourage those that we missed to visit the Submissions section to send us photos and tidbits of you and your canine family member.

South Loop Dogs has 4 main section tabs:

Information has 6 subsections:
About SLD


(upcoming dog related happenings around the city)

(neighborhood and other dog related websites)

(neighborhood dogs who need homes and links to other rescue sites)

(dog issues and a general Chicago issues message board)

(articles written about South Loop Dogs)

Gallery has 2 subsections:

Individual Photos
(portraits of dogs with their humans) - there are 2 ways to view this section:

Dog list - text only
(text links of all dog names - for narrowband neighbors)

Dog list with images
(thumbnail images of all dogs - for broadband neighbors)

Group Photos

(random photos of dogs playing around the neighborhood, images from the 2001 Pet Parade, and 180/360 degree panorama images)

Petition has 5 subsections:

Read Petition
(a petition for the Chicago Park District to create new dog friendly areas in existing parks, as well as a new and larger dog only park in the South Loop)

Sign Petition

(democracy in the digital age)

View Signatures

(701 neighbors have signed in agreement with our petition as of 4-2-06)

Dog P.A.C.
(updates in our quest for new dog parks in the South Loop.
Dog P.A.C. or Dogs' Paws Action Committe transitioned into The South Loop Dog Park Action Cooperative)

(Another way to let your voice be heard. Vote on dog issues that affect you and your neighbors. Also view archived polls)

Submission has 1 page:

(a place to submit photos of your dog(s) as well as additional information about your pet)

We would like to thank Sammy & Hugo's human, Richard Lowe for his assistance in programming the Dog Park Petition and the Submissions pages. We also extend our appreciation to Chloe's human - Gail Merritt for her help with writing the petition.

We would also like to give credit to the following people for the audio clips:
Homepage: The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
Information/About SLD: Steven Wright
Information/Events: Rufas Thomas - Walking the Dog
Information/Links: Perry Farrell - Pets
Information/Rescue: Jerry Seinfeld
Information/Forums: Beatles - Bulldog

Gallery/Individual Photos (text only): Pink Floyd - Dogs
Gallery/Individual Photos (with images): Pink Floyd - Dogs
Gallery/Group Photos: Parliament - Atomic Dog
Petition/Read Petition: Led Zepplin - Black Dog
Petition/Polls: Baha Men - Who Let the Dogs Out

Submission: Grateful Dead - Tennessee Jed

For more info about placing an ad banner on South Loop Dogs. Five percent of net proceeds will be donated to the Anti-Cruelty Society.

You should now have a better idea about South Loop Dogs. Now it's time to take a dog walk. Don't forget to add us to your favorites and check back from time to time for new dogs added to the site. If you have any problems, comments or suggestions, we would love to hear from you!

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