This way to Dog P.A.C.
The following are videos with dogs from TV, film and the Internet
A segment from a music video by
The Monkeys.
From the movie
'The Tao of Steve'
From the movie
From the Internet
'The Goalie'
From the Internet
'Heart Broken'
From the Internet
From the Internet
'Flying Dog'
The following is a link to images from The 2nd Annual Pets on Parade - July 29, 2001.
The following are random images taken around the neighborhood.
A city without

The following are panorama images taken at Roosevelt Park.
download free QuickTime player
You need the free QuicktimeVR Viewer. to view these panoramas Panorama 1
1.47 mb - 7 minutes
w/ 28.8bps
Panorama 2
1.14 mb - 5.5 minutes
w/ 28.8bps
Panorama 3
305 kb - 1.5 minutes
w/ 28.8bps
Panorama 4
1.41 mb - 6.75 minutes
w/ 28.8bps

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