This way to Dog P.A.C.
100JeffreyVeltman2/6/2001 12:22:24 PMIf we had a dog park then we could spend $250 on dog food instead of off- leash fines.
101BlytheVeltman2/6/2001 12:40:47 PMPlease share the parks with the canines - they are family too.
112RichardLowe2/26/2001 12:05:12 AMGreat Idea! 8^ř
117JulieLowe2/26/2001 12:33:02 AM.
140antoniocarey4/26/2001 4:16:02 PM.
141Karen Dixon4/26/2001 4:16:23 PM.
142NicholasMassiello4/26/2001 4:36:07 PMDeveloping a dog park in the Printer's Row/South Loop area is fast becoming a quality of life issue. There currently exist two park areas which could convert to dog friendly parks with merely the addition to the appropriate fencing. These two areas, if converted, could become the vehicle for delivering the physical plant required to turn an area from a collection of homes into a neighborhood!
143BrianLipps4/26/2001 4:40:29 PM.
144YoonahKim4/26/2001 4:42:31 PMAwesome idea. Great website. Power to the South Loop Dogs!!!
145LindaSchilling4/26/2001 5:20:31 PM.
146RonCleveland4/26/2001 5:52:24 PM.
148ANNPISTONE4/26/2001 7:40:03 PM.
149PhawnNilsson4/26/2001 9:27:59 PMI couldn't agree more with the need of a dog park in South Loop area.
150DanielJames4/26/2001 9:33:42 PMThis is a BIG DOG NEIGHBORHOOD! Dogs bring safety and security to the area. Dogs are excellent companions for young and old. Our dog, Fabi, has helped us to meet many good people in the South Loop. We are in desperate need of more area to let the canines run and romp.
151MissyHuffman4/26/2001 9:34:35 PM.
152BradleyHuffman4/26/2001 9:36:51 PM I truly believe that the number of dogs in the neighborhood warrants a new dog park large enough to accomodate their needs.
153StephenPate4/27/2001 1:31:03 AM.
154MichaelQuintos4/27/2001 8:12:42 AMHaving two dogs is more than a way of life for us. The neighborhood is safer and more friendly with all the dogs and owners that dutifuly walk them. A dog park would benefit the south loop, dog owners and those without them as well.
155ShaunaghO'Connor4/27/2001 1:01:03 PM.
156ErikMishler4/27/2001 1:01:42 PM.
157JaneLee4/27/2001 3:08:00 PM.
158Carol Dorsey4/27/2001 5:43:07 PMThere are some great parking lots that would make wonderful little parks all or part of them being for the dogs. Our furry friends need a place to run off the leash. Please help us out. Thanking you in advance. Carol Dorsey
159Heidi Rocke4/27/2001 8:47:49 PM.
160ChristopherRocke4/27/2001 9:04:38 PM.
161Robert Merchasin4/27/2001 9:38:14 PMFailure to provide adequate exercise areas for dogs leads to frustrated dogs more likely to express anti-social or aggressive behavior
162CarolMerchasin4/27/2001 9:39:16 PM.
163AmandaMillwood4/29/2001 7:36:38 PM.
164Randy Millwood4/29/2001 7:43:23 PM.
165WayneFron4/30/2001 3:14:26 PMThe City of Chicago is constantly ticketing individuals for parking violations of their automobiles why can't the City have traveling plain clothes policemen patroling the area parks ticketing negligient dog owners who leave their pet's droppings and don't pick them up?? I believe the City could raise enough funds to cover the cost of dog designated park areas just through the assessed fines. I am a responsible dog owner who is sick and tired of the mess careless dog owners leave behind them. Not only do our dogs get sick but also these negligient owners give all of us a bad reputation among the citizens who don't own dogs in the area.
166LauraLewandowski4/30/2001 7:26:47 PM.
167GregDatz4/30/2001 10:10:33 PM.
168TinaPhillips5/1/2001 2:45:05 PM.
169MelissaNelson5/1/2001 2:45:16 PM.
170DarleneFairchild5/1/2001 8:40:34 PM.
171RobertScarola5/1/2001 9:15:04 PMA dog run at Roosevelt Park in Dearborn Park would be terrific!
172JacquelineVanZant5/1/2001 9:18:45 PMA fenced dog run would promote better neighborhood relations between dog owners and non-dog owners.
173WallyTremel5/1/2001 10:50:33 PM.
174JackieElster5/2/2001 10:44:50 AM.
176SherylBreedlove5/2/2001 11:47:28 AM.
177RobertHughes5/3/2001 7:45:37 PM.
178Ann-Marie Dorsey5/5/2001 12:44:03 PMThe South Loop is already a great neighborhood and community. Adding a dog park would only make it better!
179JoshLevitsky5/9/2001 3:30:24 PM.
180Scott Dale5/10/2001 10:17:33 AM.
181vincewasseluk5/10/2001 2:10:11 PM.
182ElaineSzujewski5/10/2001 3:15:38 PM.
183BobOlivar5/10/2001 9:36:40 PM.
184ErikaBurton5/12/2001 6:28:50 PMThe people who use the parks at Rosevelt and Cottontail are all caring individuals who keep it clean, and make them the safe parks that they are by always being visible in the community.
185CindyJohnson5/13/2001 7:47:06 PMGiven the inability of the park system to accomodate the dog population currently, this will only become a increasing problem as the residential area in the South Loop continues to grow. I feel this is a definite need and as pet owner support any/all such efforts.
186Sharon Dermody5/13/2001 10:22:46 PM.
187AdamDeutsch5/16/2001 9:24:25 PM.
188KurtJanavitz5/16/2001 11:29:45 PMThanks for leading the charge. It is definitely a needed project.
189margueritemitchell5/17/2001 11:44:44 AM.
190tonimiller5/17/2001 7:08:22 PM.
191Pattie Gallwas5/19/2001 9:40:47 AMNow is the time to address the dog issue in our parks and develop a long term solution to the fact that dogs are a big part of many of our residents lives and I thank you for this excellent website.
192Rob & ChrisWarner5/24/2001 7:30:21 PMWith all of the mixed use development in the South Loop,it seems likely that dedicated dog park space could be included in plans for commercial development that adjoins residential areas. The commercial land use is potentially (good design) more compatible with a dogland use than residential land use (dogfight at best). Within commercial parcel(s) other opportunities to 'double-up' on the functionality of open (green) space exist, including on-site stormwater detention (versus underground sewers), land banking exess commercial parking(for now)and wider easements designed to accomodate dogdom trails separate from the dogless park people tracks. In the interim, possibly temporary dogreen space (all that vacant land...) can be adopted/adapted while permanent dogland use is planned and developed. It's sounds like something a green Mayor could un...leash (I had to do it). We love our beautiful boulevard plantings and the City's parks, especially the front yard - Grant Park. Now, how about a model pooch program?
193PhilipPistone5/24/2001 11:18:58 PMPoochies need Green Space too!
194CynthiaGoldberg5/26/2001 10:23:56 AM.
195catie st. john5/31/2001 6:47:52 PM.
196BillStronks6/1/2001 5:13:14 PM.
197DanielQuinn6/4/2001 9:27:22 PM.
198AndrewOsborn6/10/2001 9:59:16 PMLarge dog park with grass is needed in the south loop. Most new residents in the south loop have dogs. The dog park at 15th and Wabash isn't much bigger than a dog crate.
199lauramulvey6/12/2001 5:11:27 PMGreat job on site.
200RichBenjamin6/12/2001 9:42:29 PM.
201ShawnFlemming6/12/2001 9:43:20 PM.
202HowardSherman6/15/2001 5:57:00 PM.
203GENE JENKE6/19/2001 11:40:39 PM.
204CARRIE WALDEN6/19/2001 11:41:33 PM.
205johnlee6/28/2001 3:17:49 PM.
206Jessica Alprin6/29/2001 12:53:03 PM.
207robertfreiberg6/29/2001 1:39:46 PM.
208GeorgeNedwick6/30/2001 1:33:07 PM.
209JuliaAuburg6/30/2001 1:34:11 PM.
210Lynda Young7/3/2001 10:56:49 AMThis has been a request from the community-both dog owners and non dog people for over 10 years, it is way over due.
211Isabel Chung7/4/2001 12:33:50 AMDog-owners in general are kind, considerate, and friendly people. We are very community-minded because we want our dogs to have a great place to live. For these reasons, a community that welcomes dogs will be one that thrives. Having a bigger dog park in the South Loop will certainly help this neighborhood grow safer and stronger!
212MarionBuckley7/5/2001 12:48:23 PMThe current "dog park" off Wabash is woefully inadequate -- both in size (way too small and narrow) and location (the elevated train overhead renders this site inaccessible to dogs with especially sensitive hearing, like Shepherds, etc.). Simply fencing in a parcel where the dogs can run and play would be easily accomplished and go a long way toward community relations, especially as more and more people (and their dogs) move into this area.
213doug and gladysbrown7/6/2001 9:30:47 PM.
214anneknorr7/7/2001 10:49:57 PM.
215John Adams7/8/2001 9:10:55 PM.
216DebbieLauraitis7/10/2001 4:13:46 PMWe really need a natural dog park so the people and pets in our neighborhood all have a place to go to relax and enjoy our beautiful city!!! Thanks again South Loop Dogs!!
217KurtHeuberger7/10/2001 5:27:35 PM.
218Todd Jungenberg7/14/2001 11:41:19 AMWe need more space for our dogs. As it is, the new developments going up by me (20th and Prairie) will demand action be taken. The new Hillary Rodham Clinton Park (corner of 18th and Prairie) doesn't even allow dogs within its borders. I hope this petition is heeded.
219IrwinJarett7/15/2001 7:42:22 PMI fully support the petition.
221AndrewBoron7/17/2001 9:23:08 PM.
222Elizabeth WaxBoron7/17/2001 9:26:15 PM.
223Lauren Rhone7/18/2001 8:23:04 AMThank you for putting together this site.
224JanetRooney7/18/2001 10:46:33 PMMy golden retriever absolutely loves to run after a toy and retrieve it. He is 12 years old and in better condition than most dogs half his age. It is very important to both my dog and I to be able to continue this type of exercise for his health and well being. I always carry dog bags with me and pick up after him. I also pick up after others when I find it.
225ElizabethWax7/19/2001 4:57:02 PM.
226Valerie FCameo7/20/2001 2:06:43 PMI do not own a dog yet, but am hoping to get one once we get a dog park. I want my dog(s) to have a safe place to play!!
227TerenceByrne7/21/2001 1:52:57 PMI have 3 dogs and would love to have a designated area to exercise and play with them.
228JimRice7/21/2001 2:44:41 PM.
229DonnRaabe7/21/2001 2:46:54 PM.
230PennyCato7/21/2001 2:48:40 PM.
231VirginiaWitmer7/21/2001 2:50:19 PM.
232JasonBlankinship7/21/2001 2:57:52 PM.
233DonaldStone7/21/2001 3:01:57 PM.
234RoyCowdrey7/21/2001 3:05:04 PM.
235StephenLeos7/21/2001 3:07:02 PM.
236WalterDugan7/21/2001 3:08:01 PM.
237PatriciaWard7/21/2001 3:21:53 PM.
238KimberlyZimmerman7/22/2001 10:28:03 PM.
239BethSchipke7/23/2001 5:03:27 PMIt would be great to have Roosevelt park as a dog park! It is in a nice, secluded spot, and almost fully enclosed already! It's perfect!
240PaulBrackey7/25/2001 4:51:25 PMGive our dogs a place to run!
241BarbBrackey7/25/2001 4:52:22 PM.
242BernadetteMutia7/28/2001 5:54:00 PM.
243RandyAnderson7/28/2001 11:37:00 PM.
244hopeanderson7/28/2001 11:37:54 PM.
245dianealmer7/28/2001 11:58:28 PMlove the idea! lets get another place for my dog, helig, to run around with other dogs!
246DawnCooper7/30/2001 12:22:30 PM.
247Mark Chesta7/30/2001 1:14:29 PM.
248KellyChesta8/2/2001 3:37:36 PM.
249MelodyDimaano8/2/2001 3:50:26 PM.
250Sonja Kruitwagen8/4/2001 2:36:14 PMWe own two dogs, and used to use the Prairie & 15th park. This park has recently been canvased by police for the dogs on leash policy. This unfortunately really limits our dogs' exercise and social interaction. We are currently walking them in the back alley among the garbage bins. We really hope this is a temporary solution. Our dogs are kid friendly, and well behaved. I can understand parents' concern for their children, but I would just like a solution. We will probably have children of our own some day soon, and would appreciate a space where we can play with both our children and our dogs.
251RandyRaaflaub8/4/2001 2:50:52 PMWhile I understand parents' concerns, I'm afraid there are a small but very vocal group who have recently demonstrated their high level of intolerance which, aside from setting a fine example for their children, leaves us with no option than to pursue our own, proper green space for our dogs. At least for now, the south loop area has far more dog owners than parents...our concerns need addressing too.
252Marie BaliceWard8/8/2001 9:34:39 PM.
253LauraRowsey8/9/2001 3:35:13 PMI feel a dog park would benefit both dog owners and non-do owners alike. Having a designated place for dogs will allow people who don't like or own dogs to have their own space. I think this is a must!!
254LarryWilson8/9/2001 4:34:49 PMThere is a group that I believe to be non profit, Gallery 37. They have taken a portion of Grant Park from 11th and Michigan to 10th and have put up a fence that would be perfect for the dogs in the neighborhood to have somewhere to run. If anyone is interested, I think we should call our alderman, and see what can be dont to keep the fence up for us to use the 9 months a year Gallery 37 won't be using it. I have visited the heinous park at 14th and Wabash, and it is ridiculous that our dogs have only that narrow a space to "run".
255LindaPrange8/12/2001 11:18:33 AM.
256DeanCaruso8/16/2001 1:03:12 PM.
257SergioLopez8/16/2001 1:04:16 PM.
258JoanSchenk8/16/2001 1:05:48 PM.
259ElizabethNeumaier8/16/2001 1:07:58 PM.
260WayneChristiansen8/16/2001 1:10:31 PM.
261BrianBamford8/16/2001 1:11:07 PM.
262SueAguirre8/16/2001 1:11:51 PM.
263MikeMcGraw8/16/2001 1:12:30 PM.
264MikeHottrich8/16/2001 1:14:45 PM.
265MaxChristopher8/16/2001 1:16:14 PM.
266JillWaddel8/16/2001 1:17:46 PM.
267DeannaTaddei8/16/2001 1:18:43 PM.
268AmyHolt8/16/2001 1:19:09 PM.
269BruceBever8/16/2001 1:19:45 PM.
270AnnJohnson8/16/2001 1:20:32 PM.
271SariRosenthal8/16/2001 1:20:56 PM.
272DachonTaylor8/16/2001 1:21:37 PM.
273BeverlyFields8/16/2001 1:22:04 PM.
274JackBuckhorn8/16/2001 1:22:41 PM.
275LuisaDeRoo8/16/2001 1:23:27 PM.
276MariaThomas8/16/2001 1:25:44 PM.
277JoanGreene8/16/2001 1:27:55 PM.
278CourtneySmith8/16/2001 1:30:02 PM.
279DavidSmith8/16/2001 1:30:40 PM.
280LeslieKilgore8/16/2001 1:31:41 PM.
281DavidKempes8/16/2001 1:32:22 PM.
282EvanThomas8/16/2001 1:33:15 PM.
283MaryIvory8/16/2001 1:33:47 PM.
284MikeColombatto8/16/2001 1:34:34 PM.
285TereseFron8/16/2001 1:35:22 PM.
287JoeKasiak8/16/2001 1:37:57 PM.
288Patrick & HannahDillon8/16/2001 4:51:28 PMThis would be a great addition to the neighborhood
289SusanWeed8/17/2001 1:00:26 PM.
290DeirdreMcCloskey8/17/2001 1:01:26 PM.
291RuthKamar8/17/2001 1:02:02 PM.
292IreneDallianis8/17/2001 1:02:49 PM.
293JoyceEbersman8/17/2001 1:03:39 PM.
294JudyRahlf8/17/2001 1:04:17 PM.
295LynnQuintos8/17/2001 1:04:54 PM.
296CandiceMattson8/17/2001 1:05:37 PM.
297Jo AnnDollard8/17/2001 1:06:16 PM.
298DominiqueRihde8/17/2001 1:08:15 PM.
299ChrisShirley8/17/2001 1:09:37 PM.
300SallyThomas8/17/2001 1:10:12 PM.
301RennyMills8/17/2001 1:10:49 PM.
302JoshLevitsky8/17/2001 1:11:24 PM.
303RachelLevitsky8/17/2001 1:11:50 PM.
304DanVaughn8/17/2001 1:12:21 PM.
305SusanOlenski8/17/2001 1:13:09 PM.
306CharlesRoss8/17/2001 1:13:37 PM.
307ElisabethHellser8/17/2001 1:15:28 PM.
308GuillermoPavon8/17/2001 1:16:53 PM.
309JaniceBrown8/17/2001 1:17:48 PM.
310MichaelShapow8/17/2001 1:18:59 PM.
311BethenyTroia8/17/2001 1:20:04 PM.
312M.Barletta8/17/2001 1:22:07 PM.
313M.Pozez8/17/2001 1:23:17 PM.
314SamOltrogge8/17/2001 1:32:16 PM.
315lindahong8/18/2001 4:15:30 PMWe need one on the north side too!
316JenniferJohnson8/19/2001 4:15:25 PMI would like to support the creation of more "dog friendly areas" within the South Loop area......that is, IF dog owners will actually use them. The current dog run at 14th and Wabash goes virtually unused with owners choosing instead to let their animals run unleashed through areas where toddlers are playing. I would like to see a large dog park created and USED so that my own fears for my child's safety, especially in Cotton Tail Park where dogs run wild, could be abated. I think both dog and non-dog owners need to come together to find a solution that works for all of us....and to find equal respect for both opinions. For now, watch your dogs (and please keep them leashed!) around our kids....and we'll help encourage the city to find space for yours!
317ToniLaManna8/19/2001 9:14:20 PM.
318RobertHughes8/20/2001 3:05:37 PM.
319MaryannFitzpatrick8/20/2001 3:07:52 PM.
320CatherineDolce8/20/2001 3:08:25 PM.
321LyndaConnor8/20/2001 3:09:02 PM.
322ClaytonReed8/20/2001 3:09:51 PM.
323AnneEisendrath8/20/2001 3:12:32 PM.
324RossRhone8/20/2001 3:13:03 PM.
325JanineJudge8/20/2001 3:14:13 PM.
326PeterSzujewski8/20/2001 3:15:25 PM.
327KristaToth8/20/2001 3:16:19 PM.
328JosephMcCabe8/20/2001 3:16:59 PM.
329LaurenPhan8/20/2001 3:17:38 PM.
330JayAlmer8/20/2001 3:18:07 PM.
331DianeAlmer8/20/2001 3:18:38 PM.
332JonAlmer8/20/2001 3:19:14 PM.
333PaulBarach8/20/2001 3:20:29 PM.
334SpencerRiordan8/20/2001 3:22:32 PM.
335MaryGeracy8/20/2001 3:23:09 PM.
336ScottDale8/20/2001 3:23:44 PM.
337ElaineSzujewski8/20/2001 3:25:21 PM.
338JamesSchutter8/20/2001 3:26:15 PM.
339YoavYaakoby8/20/2001 3:27:19 PM.
340GregBuseman8/20/2001 3:30:47 PM.
341TerriBuseman8/20/2001 3:31:28 PM.
342MarkStohlquist8/20/2001 3:32:25 PM.
343A.Sharfman8/20/2001 3:32:54 PM.
344D.Leonard8/20/2001 3:34:17 PM.
345LynneBamford8/20/2001 3:35:11 PM.
346CindyColeman8/20/2001 3:36:56 PM.
347SusanPonitch8/20/2001 3:37:24 PM.
349BeverlyMcClellan8/22/2001 1:07:46 PM.
350KarlZeigler8/27/2001 11:40:41 AMEnhance the S. Loop neighborhood
351EliseDella Rocca8/29/2001 12:36:56 PMThis is amazing! I am so happy to support such an important cause. Thank you for making this possible!
352VincentDella Rocca8/29/2001 12:42:15 PM.
353RobinBronstein8/30/2001 6:31:33 PM.
354ElizabethBuchanan8/30/2001 7:41:17 PM.
355KarenO'Brien8/31/2001 10:51:27 AM.
356StevenSemkiw8/31/2001 10:52:16 AM.
357Denise MaragosMaragos8/31/2001 11:30:00 AMThis area needs this really bad!
358davidswider8/31/2001 11:32:59 AMleave the dogs alone
359MaryWelter8/31/2001 11:41:41 AMThe near south side needs a pet park. If the City can't afford it, arrange for one or more of the many developers taking advantage of the south side revival to finance it.
360KimberlyO'Brien8/31/2001 11:41:45 AMRecently I "babysat" for my sister's puppy, a sweet-natured chocolate Labrador. I took her to Cottontail Park several times that day, and I was quite surprised by the stand-offish, almost rude treatment by a group of parents playing with their young children. Although I kept Sammie on her leash (even when we played fetch), some parents were vocal about discouraging their curious children from approaching the puppy. Please establish a "bark park" for the South Loop Dogs! They need a place to romp and exercise, just as children do!
362KatrinaMelo8/31/2001 12:05:15 PMI want to be able to walk my dog without problems in the South Loop. -- Thank you!!!!!
363AmyMcReynolds8/31/2001 12:07:14 PM.
364DonnaPetta9/1/2001 1:39:04 AM.
365YolandaChagoya9/1/2001 1:52:23 AMLet's do something to help these lovely companions that make a difference in so many peoples lives.
366Matt Kupritz9/1/2001 1:48:14 PM.
367KellyDaum9/1/2001 10:53:00 PM.
368LauraElliot9/4/2001 9:54:04 AM.
369NadineSzymborski9/4/2001 9:57:18 AM.
370CherylNewald9/4/2001 10:28:16 AMOther areas of the city have parks or designated areas for dogs. As the south loop area develops, plans for such a designated area should be included.
371SoraidaAlbelo-Sallette9/5/2001 3:31:37 PM.
372LisaDombro9/7/2001 3:29:29 PMGiven the numerous parks within Dearborn Park I & II, it would seem reasonable to allocate a portion of Roosevelt park to dogs.
374MariamFarah9/10/2001 5:11:56 PM.
375Nicole Matthews9/13/2001 7:59:04 PMWe are moving to South Loop in March. Currently rely much on the Wicker dog Park. Looking forward to help build a similar space in SL. Responsible dog owners deserve no less.
376James Green9/13/2001 8:03:14 PMA dog park in the South Loop is surely needed for exercise, socialization and it is a right as a taxpaying dog owner/citizen.
377RichardBailey9/16/2001 10:32:38 PM.
378Andrew Ehee9/20/2001 5:59:06 PM.
379RolandoRamos9/23/2001 10:15:39 AMI am sickened to see that people are allowing their dogs to run around the kiddie park on 14th & Wabash. This practice should be banned and somehow enforced. The park's purpose is to be used by children and not animals. I hate the thought of my son playing in an area covered by dog urine and stool. I have 2 large dogs and empathize with owners who look for a place for their dogs to run free. I wholeheartedly agree that the dog run next to the park on 14th & Wabash is inadequate to meet the needs of dog owners in the South Loop. More parks space is needed for both dogs and humans.
380annettefiscelli9/26/2001 9:55:07 AM.
381AlyssaAmerine10/4/2001 3:48:57 PMWe need a doggie park in the South Loop!
382PamelaCampbell11/2/2001 7:22:03 PM.
383RitaBrezina11/5/2001 9:49:54 AMMy husband, my Great Dane, and I used to live in the south loop. We hope to move back to that area soon. We certainly feel that the South Loop area contains lots of loving dogs and that there simply is currenly no place for those wonderful dogs and their people!
384kimzimmerman11/12/2001 11:58:22 PM.
385JeanetteGoluska11/19/2001 4:22:31 PM.
386RussellHerron11/20/2001 2:54:39 PMWe are moving to the South Loop in the Spring of 2002 and are enthusiastic supporters of more dog parks in the area.
387tomblew11/25/2001 2:41:51 PMi'd like to get a south side dog beach too. please forward to rich daley.
388TheresaCorsentino11/28/2001 2:32:34 PM.
389JoeKostelc12/20/2001 1:57:24 PMWould like to see a dog park in Grant Park area as well
390JonHoltzee12/29/2001 8:00:35 PM.
391DianaTurowski12/29/2001 8:11:27 PMA large dog park is long overdue. Perhaps creation of such a park would help to create an environment where children whose families don't have dogs could get to know them in a health environment instead of beinging traumatized toward dogs as so many urban residents seem to be. Strangely, coming from a less dense environment, dogs & kids running around & playing together was just a natural part of life - not a structured setting or a source of neighborhood conflict. A dog friendly beach would also be great.
392NatalieMcAllister2/28/2002 5:22:05 AMfully support this effort. i have two dogs and they need exercise...
393TerryMcAllister2/28/2002 5:27:10 AM.
396SusanBailey3/5/2002 1:38:43 PM.
401DebraFletcher4/2/2002 8:33:42 PMThe dogs deserve to have a nice place to play and run!
402kylecoffey-blair4/2/2002 10:03:58 PM.
404ArnieAronoff4/3/2002 3:37:30 PM.
405MichelleGarcia4/4/2002 10:43:12 AMThere is a great need for a spacious dog park in the South & West Loop area. These areas have many dog owners (with lots of large breed dogs) and there are very few grassy and safe areas for these dogs to be walked or to play in. A safe and secure area dedicated to the dogs makes for better co-existance of dog owners and non-dog owners alike in a community.
406SheilaCreed4/4/2002 12:51:20 PM.
407DanielRubenstein4/4/2002 1:02:50 PM.
408StaceyCleveland4/4/2002 1:07:34 PMIt's a shame that I normally have to take my dog to child parks which are unsafe for her because of broken glass, lost toys, etc. We need these parks for socialization which is a main part of a dogs life. If people had the option to take their dog to parks (just for dogs) then maybe more dogs wouldn't be aggressive.
409NicoleMcPherson4/5/2002 1:43:18 PM.
410mikejordan4/6/2002 10:34:23 AM.
411CherylByers4/7/2002 6:31:41 PM.
412RafiArbel4/9/2002 7:58:01 AMCouldn't agree with you more. We're moving to University Village,at 14th and Halsted. We'd love to know what sort of accommodations there will be in our stretch of the concrete.
413EliseDaughhetee4/9/2002 8:06:03 AM.
414KatieBrousseau4/9/2002 8:08:45 AMWe live in the West Loop and would love to have a dog park close to our home!
415Harry Kruglik4/9/2002 8:12:05 AMIíve lived in the neighborhood since í85, and itís great how dogs bring people outside and start conversations, although I do wish people were more conscientious about picking up droppings. I used to walk dogs in the neighborhood when I was in high school, and I would sometimes pick up old droppings that had been left by others. Not fun, but I take pride in the neighborhood, even though I spend most of my time elsewhere now.
416Francesca Sparacino 4/9/2002 8:19:45 AMA dog park would be a great and much needed addition to an already wonderful community. Preferrably somewhere between Printer's Row and Museum Park area.
417KellyHeath4/9/2002 8:21:51 AM.
418AnneBennett 4/9/2002 8:25:41 AMAlthough living in the city lends itself to a lot of concrete and ruckus, I still believe that dogs have such an important value to the community and people's well-being that I think that having designated dog areas in the South Loop would not hamper the construction progress of the South Loop area. Please reconsider having more designate dog areas for both pet and man. Thanks!
419VictoriaPage4/9/2002 8:29:51 AMWe pay $$$ to suburban park districts and travel to outer subarbs for our dog to experience off leash activity w/out the risk of being fined. The city (Mayor Daley) and the Chicago Park District doesn't realize that attracting residents to the city includes creation of parks for family pets due to the high volume residents w/ pets that reside in the area. It is a shame that residents have to spend their own time and money to prompt/force the city to act in this manner. The city should act in a proactive manner to provide a incentive for professionals w/ pets to reside in the city as there is an obvious, obvious need.
420MiroLedajaks4/9/2002 8:31:21 AM.
421LisaKrick4/9/2002 8:36:33 AMI think we need more areas for the doggies that are safe (fenced in) and fun for them. thanks!
422CaroleChomsker4/9/2002 8:38:07 AM.
424ScottWisler4/9/2002 8:41:58 AM.
425ColetteWisler4/9/2002 8:42:52 AM.
427RyanManecke4/9/2002 8:49:53 AMWe moved to the S Loop in July and absolutely agree that more parks and green space are needed down here. Thank you! Ryan and Lisa
428LisaManecke4/9/2002 8:50:46 AM.
429LynnAllaway4/9/2002 8:52:39 AM.
430MikeAllaway4/9/2002 8:53:25 AM.
435TaffyRaphael8/4/2002 1:09:18 PM.
436LindaCallahan8/4/2002 1:11:15 PMI think a dog park is a wonderful idea!
437CynthiaFife-Townsel8/4/2002 1:13:15 PMThere is a great need for dog park and exercise area in the South Loop (and other areas on the South Side!). Well-socialized and properly exercised dogs are happier, which diminishes the opportunity for dog bites or other displays of agression. And happier dogs means happier tax-paying owners...
438robertkugel8/5/2002 11:12:31 AM
439AaronSilvers8/27/2002 11:21:57 PM
440MichelleMotarjeme9/18/2002 12:49:16 PMWe need more room for our beloved dogs!!!!!!!
441KeithMakenas9/19/2002 9:23:56 AMThe park at 14th street should be expanded or relocated to not be under the tracks. Too many times I see dogs getting spooked when the train goes by. Alot of the Dearborn Village II residents want to have their dogs run in a park too and it would be nice to have somewhere closer. The school at 19th from my understanding is closing, is this a possible site for a new dog park? Thanks
442CathySkortz9/26/2002 4:51:46 PMThe Prairie Ave district is in dier need. The residents are bumping heads. With all the new developements our building has over 70 dogs alone!
443LowellBeyer10/1/2002 10:01:55 AM
444rene edde10/4/2002 4:19:13 PMnew to the area with two small dogs, the fact that they have no where to run and stretch their legs, though they are older, is cruel to a dog who has ever had the satisfaction of a yard or neighborhood. if we want to fix the problems of the dog "unfriendly world" first there must be undersatnding and awareness.
448JaniceBrown10/10/2002 6:39:06 PM
450KevinEinbinder10/11/2002 9:33:23 AM
453FranseanMance10/17/2002 1:05:06 AM
454GinaBrannan10/28/2002 1:31:29 AM
455CorinaCarusi11/14/2002 12:47:41 PM
456KarlSokol11/19/2002 12:55:59 AM
457AnneHerbert11/25/2002 8:35:03 PMI don't own a dog, but do believe that they have the right to run free and not be ticketed!!
458KirstjenLorenz11/25/2002 8:43:01 PM
459GreggBullinger12/7/2002 2:33:40 PMNot all of the residents at my condo association are anti-dog. For the past two years we've used Roosevelt Park daily, without a leash, and apart for one $350 unleashed dog ticket,find the present situation adequate. Would love to see less leash enforcement, or a repeal of the leash laws for city park. Replace leash law with a hazardous dog ordinance. Just an idea.
460KamranAhrar12/18/2002 8:43:25 AMThis is almost a must. We're are from Minneapolis and they have a number of these Dog parks.
461TraciMcGillicuddy1/9/2003 11:21:20 AMOur greyhound sure misses stretching his legs and running to his heart's content. It would be fantastic if the city could provide us with a fenced dog-safe area.
462SarahBooth1/14/2003 1:29:36 PM
463Margaret Littman1/18/2003 11:42:50 AMThe more DFAs in the city, the more pressure it will take off existing legal (and illegal) off-leash areas.
464TonyOrozco1/27/2003 11:40:06 PMWe need many more DFA's in the city of Chicago!
465Jennifer Schilling2/17/2003 11:37:04 AMOwner & Operator of South Loops 1st Doggie Facility coming soon!! I will be out of town the weekend of the meeting but I would like to help ANY way I can for the new dog friendly area!!!!! Feel free to contact me!!
466josephmeyers2/18/2003 4:02:37 PM
467alexmoskowitz2/26/2003 11:29:52 PMgood for you guys!
471ErikaGuest3/11/2003 4:45:03 PMI would be willing to help in whatever area to get the dog park approved at Roosevelt and Indiana!!! THANKS!! ERika
474JeffGuest3/11/2003 4:45:51 PM
475nina robins3/16/2003 9:19:38 PMWe desperately need a dog park consisting of grass and/or sand and one that is 100% confined by a fence. Please heed the numerous requests of all the good residents in South Loop neighborhood. We have, as a group, extremely well-behaved trained dogs who need to run and socialize with other dogs in order to keep them physically and socially healthy.
476DanKubilis3/16/2003 9:32:22 PMWe moved recently from the Boston area with our one and a half yr. old Golden Retriever. We think South Loop is a great dog friendly area with one exception. There are virtually no real dog parks where dogs can run and play as they were meant to do for their health and enjoyment. There is a critical need for a dog park in which dogs can play and run safely and not bother people who aren't lovers of dogs. In the long run, it's safer, cleaner, healthier, and, great socialization for dogs and their people. Please create a much needed dog park for the many south loop dogs with more to come all the time. Thank You.
477JaninaZiegler3/20/2003 10:08:43 PM
478MichaelZiegler3/20/2003 10:09:29 PM
479DarciKampschroeder3/27/2003 8:29:01 PMPrevious Chicago resident and Dog Park Advocate!
480CatalinaSalley3/30/2003 9:21:03 AM
481JenniferHayes3/31/2003 6:22:02 PM
482MarilynRenner4/9/2003 12:43:18 AMWhile no longer a resident of Chicago, I do travel there frequently with my three dogs. Finding a safe place in which to exercise them is a constant concern
483RichardQuigley4/13/2003 11:10:43 AMA good, safe area for exercising dogs would be a great thing. This would accommodate non-dog people as well, by keeping dogs in one section of the park. The dog park at 14th and Wabash is totally inadequate. The section of Grant Park near the bridge by Michigan and Roosevelt makes a lot of sense.
484ShaoHuang4/13/2003 4:41:12 PM
485WillSlaughter4/14/2003 9:58:54 AM
487Eric & LisaRubin4/14/2003 5:59:35 PMGreat web site- will be posting a pic soon of our dog. Would greatly support efforts to build a new dog park in the south loop.
488ChrisTalsma4/15/2003 1:41:11 PM
489MarcBuenrostro4/16/2003 4:02:36 AM
490yurichien4/16/2003 11:53:11 PMWe need a dog park, PLEASE!
491KevinThornton4/17/2003 10:31:11 AMYes to the DOGS
493GarthSpiller4/20/2003 1:18:21 AMThe more parks the better! I do not even own a dog, but I love the idea.
494SuzannaNg5/5/2003 5:29:26 PM
495JillRichardson5/9/2003 1:37:20 PM
496Lauren May5/13/2003 4:44:15 PMWe currently live near the Wicker Park DFA and love it. In fact, the only thing keeping us from moving to the South Loop area is our concern over the lack of green space. If a DFA could be built, I feel the area would attract many more residents.
497BonnieHenke5/13/2003 5:12:12 PM
498ShawnFlemming5/16/2003 8:24:07 PMBy not having a suitable dog park in the South Loop, residents are moving from the area and opting not to consider our neighborhood. Since Daley seems to be putting our tax dollars into the area i.e. gardens, Stadium Park, Solider Field; it would only make sense to add another incentive for people to move into the South Loop!
499SaraTalsma5/20/2003 11:12:54 AMWe are very interested in seeing a dog park in the south loop. People currently take dogs off leash in parks where children are present. This will continue to happen until a dog park is put in place. Please make this small investment in our growing community.
500Juan Umana5/21/2003 9:01:08 PM
501HeatherPhilipp5/23/2003 2:47:30 PM
502BrianSharbaugh5/23/2003 3:44:58 PM
503FrederickGarcia5/26/2003 7:11:38 PMI drive all the way to Wicker Park or Wiggly Field to excercise my Lab/ Greater Swiss Mix. We need a big dog park here in the south loop.
504BonnieCalderon5/27/2003 9:40:17 AM
505MarthaJungenberg5/27/2003 2:25:40 PM
506AmberCrain6/16/2003 11:39:07 AM
507SofiaHawn6/18/2003 1:23:16 PMThe majority of dog owners in the South Loop live in condos/lofts and do not have anywhere to exercise our dogs. There are MANY parks in the area and I feel that South Loop residents deserve a more appropriate and accommodating dog park that the one located on Wabash. There is a perfect location for a dog park at 15th & Indiana which many dog owners already use as a doggie play area. If there is anything more I can do to help please let me know. Thank You, Sofia V. Hawn
508LauraMcLaughlin6/19/2003 2:44:29 PM
509davidbauman6/23/2003 8:59:41 AMThe area around 16th and Indiana would be a great place for a dog park.
510KristenStreeter7/7/2003 11:22:44 AM
511kim stoiber7/8/2003 10:01:39 PM
512JosephGiannini7/8/2003 10:53:48 PMDFA's are such a positive place for Urban Living. I own a pet sitting service and see the positive results when dogs are socialized in an controlled environment.
513BethKaplan7/9/2003 2:52:53 PM
514LindaO'Bryant7/10/2003 2:11:46 AMLet's make Chicago a dog-friendly city!
515KateCosta7/11/2003 8:37:38 AM
516JakeNickell7/13/2003 11:40:09 AM
517LauraMcFarland-Taylor7/14/2003 1:15:09 PMUsed to live on 14th and Michigan and there is a great need for a real dog park in the neighborhood!
518Wilson Chow7/14/2003 2:00:56 PMPlease control where dog can play and do their thing.
519Lee-AnnYang7/15/2003 9:27:58 AMexcellent web site
520DustinLouderback7/15/2003 11:05:14 AM
521Mel PatrickThillens7/16/2003 5:18:21 PMWe are scheduled to move to 13th and Indianna upon the builing's completion. A dog park in our neigborhood would be a great addition.
522KevinSechowski7/17/2003 11:28:47 AM
523Jessica Ashley7/17/2003 5:11:42 PM
524StevenPeery7/21/2003 9:33:03 AM
525Julie Zubik7/21/2003 2:57:14 PM
526ChristianSchlachter7/24/2003 5:43:29 PM
527Jason Mindeman7/25/2003 7:39:31 AM
528CathyMindeman7/25/2003 7:39:59 AM
529DustyWilliams7/27/2003 2:56:57 AMI think this organization is great and I would like to do anything to help out. Please email or send me more info on what i can do. Thanks.
530TonyMadsen8/5/2003 5:20:49 PMThis city needs more and bigger dog parks!! Seriously!!!
531PaulSoriano8/6/2003 2:17:01 PM
532Hillary Renderman8/12/2003 11:28:36 AM
533JenniferMartz8/15/2003 6:43:36 PM
534TiffanyFrederick8/17/2003 9:12:09 AM
535AnthonyHepker8/20/2003 10:40:16 AM
536curtlevy9/11/2003 4:05:43 PMWe need more dog parks and a south side dog beach!
537FrancineCannarozzi9/11/2003 4:53:51 PMI hereby sign this petition. Many dog parks are needed in Chicago. Dogs enrich our lives. I take my two dogs to all the current parks in Chicago and I will welcome others.
538S. J. Gorant9/12/2003 10:22:40 AMI agree that the number of dogs and dog-lovers in the neighborhood warrants a new dog park to accomodate their needs. The park would also help foster a sense of community in the growing South Loop community
539matthewmock9/21/2003 10:15:09 PM
540lauramercer9/21/2003 10:16:18 PM
541MeganO'Toole9/23/2003 5:21:43 AM
542SonaBhat10/8/2003 3:08:56 PMI just became the proud "parent' of a puppy this summer. I never knew that South Loop had such an active dog:people community until I moved in recently. I think a safe, designated area for our dogs to play, run, interact, and exercise is extremely important. As a considerate neighbor, I also feel it would re-enforce attention to cleanliness and respect for other uses of the parks in the area, to all dog owners and non dog owners. This way, as neighbors we can live together peacefully and enjoy the companionship of our pets and our neighbors. Just a thought.
543TimothyTremaine10/11/2003 7:55:40 PM
544Pamela Tilton10/12/2003 8:58:22 PMYou're website is a great idea! We just moved into the South Loop - about two months ago. This is an absolutely beautiful area and a dog run would be awesome! We learned about the dog/non-dog owner problems recently. You wouldn't believe what we witnessed and what happened. We've seen alot of anxiety from one neighbor at Daniel Webster Park over trash cans and wanting to make Webster park a non-dog park. It would be wonderful to alleviate the problems and have an area that the dogs could take off and play. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. We would be happy to help.
545scottnair10/12/2003 10:48:42 PMMoving in in 2 weeks! can't wait. I have a 1 year old yellow lab! Glad to see a dog friendly attitude in the neigborhood!
546toddherlitz10/16/2003 8:59:48 AM
547valerienerini10/20/2003 6:28:29 AM
548DorothyWozniak10/20/2003 1:49:45 PMHow many people need to sign this petition before the city takes action? It seems that there are nearly 500 signatures here...just curious...
549JamesBarrett10/20/2003 1:56:10 PM
550Daphne & JerryLeary10/30/2003 11:46:02 PMWe are in full support of the proposed dog park at Roosevelt & Michigan. We have a dog, and, would love for (another) place for her to run leash-free. One concern we have is that this proposed park is going to be all concrete; dogs like, no, dogs LOVE grass. Both of the dog parks we used to visit in our old neighborhood (Bucktown) were all concrete, and, while the dogs enjoy it, grass is much better for them, and they like it better. I'm interested in helping/volunteering w/your organization. Great website! Daphne Leary
551mariTerczak11/20/2003 4:17:43 PMWoof Some people learn to love through there dogs. Every dog needs human love and fun in the sun or snow off leash!
552AndreaBillhardt Coxworth12/1/2003 12:13:29 PM
553Tina Rupich12/2/2003 6:12:32 PM
554CarolLang12/4/2003 7:03:09 PMPlease keep me informed by email of any upcoming dog events.
555KristinArnold12/8/2003 10:16:24 AM
556TracyMayoh12/23/2003 12:24:02 PMYes! We need a nice dog park for our loved ones to run free of the leash.
557YakairaNunez`12/29/2003 3:32:33 PM
558KristinKomorowski1/8/2004 2:56:34 PMI do not have a dog, but feel a park would be wonderful for our buddies! Let's do this!
559BambiMontgomery1/9/2004 10:08:51 PM
560ChristineHamsher1/17/2004 12:03:24 PMWoof!
561MarkRiley1/17/2004 12:04:13 PM
562joelreiser1/18/2004 4:56:42 PMWe will be moving in as of 02/01/04.That's Traci, Dupree, and sparky. Let me know
563MilleyHoloviak1/20/2004 10:42:50 AMvote yes
565DavidZhou1/22/2004 3:31:30 PM
566MonikaBhasin`1/26/2004 10:37:15 AMChicago's dogs need more places where they can roam off leash and play!
567KimKluender1/26/2004 10:42:47 AM
568ScottAtkinson1/26/2004 10:47:06 AM
569kristinheitkotter1/31/2004 3:46:33 PM
570SarahBowman2/1/2004 9:57:23 AMThank you for doing this! Please, please consider making this a city-wide project. I will be sure to bring Jack and Rocky to visit the park, but wouldn't it be nice for Chicago to have one more unique and wonderful project to add to its reputation: a city that loves dogs and thanks them for their wonderful personalities, their helpfulness, their protectiveness, and their friendship by donating an open space for them to play in! There is no better way to thank our friends than by giving them a place to roll around and meet their buddies.
571MilJain2/1/2004 10:08:31 AMGreat Idea!! It would be great to have something on South Michigan Ave!!
572KaitlinMagoon2/1/2004 10:17:16 AM
573KimoyPhilips2/1/2004 4:04:31 PM
574CandiceTaylor2/1/2004 8:04:01 PM
575EmilyWhalen2/3/2004 10:43:04 AM
576KimShambrook2/4/2004 6:57:40 PM
577JeremyChaseley2/9/2004 12:59:52 PM
578DebbiLyall2/13/2004 4:00:14 PM
579SheryllAdams2/18/2004 11:06:49 AMI take my dog for walks in the South Loop, and we'd realy appreciate a better dog park. North Side parks are available: please address this need in the South as well. Thank You.
580MarianneFirlit2/19/2004 7:32:33 PMThank you for your work on this project. The dog friendly atmosphere of the south loop was one of the reasons we bought here. We are volunteer puppy raisers for Canine Companions for Independence.
581RebeccaPark2/25/2004 12:47:56 PM
582JenniferReenan2/27/2004 11:41:45 AM
583ErikaWilliams3/1/2004 9:59:48 PM
584RyanSiegel3/2/2004 12:53:28 AMI am writing in support of the south loop dog PAC and its continuing commitment to the establishment of a DFA at Rosevelt and Michigan Ave.
585amypikarsky3/3/2004 12:47:48 PMMore dog friendly areas. look at the revenue we provide, the business we support, we need way more space for dogs w.o the redtape. make meigs field a huge beach accessible dog park too!
586RobertBatterman3/4/2004 10:42:27 PM
587JeannineLyons3/15/2004 9:47:43 AM
588HeatherGott3/15/2004 4:03:45 PMWe are in great need for a DFA in our growing community. I fully support a DFA and view it as an asset to our park for both dog owners and non-dog owners.
589TerrenceGlavin3/16/2004 8:46:12 PM
590LaarniElazegui4/7/2004 10:34:11 AM
591mayagamer4/9/2004 10:12:12 PM
592MichaelFountain4/11/2004 1:10:05 AMThere are so many dogs in the area...with no real place for them to play off-leash. A strip of grass curb-side may accomodate a few of the needs of these many animals, but only an off-leash DFA can facilitate the development of socially mature creatures.
593HollyMaloney4/28/2004 11:05:52 PMWe need a nice park that dogs are allowed to run around without their leashes!
594TjTang5/3/2004 9:01:59 PMThis park would be great.
595DanielSowa5/14/2004 9:57:21 PMWe need more public park space in the South Loop and near the new University Village development.
596AGuardacosta5/17/2004 3:12:32 PM
597NataliaSzymczak5/20/2004 3:51:11 PMWe need a dog friendly park!!!
598benjaminelrod5/22/2004 3:34:23 PM
599LarryLeGrand5/23/2004 5:22:50 PM
600AngelaCapozziello5/27/2004 5:10:31 PMI have two dogs that go to the dog parks on the north side, but we would love to come down to the south loop to play in this dog-friendly community!
601nancy ruel6/2/2004 12:26:25 PM
602AlexisGrund6/4/2004 8:57:38 PM
603marniebeilin6/6/2004 7:00:22 AM
604BarbaraPineiro6/7/2004 1:36:08 PM
605Vani Konda6/9/2004 3:38:22 PM
606AndreaBillhardt6/14/2004 11:53:39 PM
607TerrySell6/17/2004 5:50:47 PM
608MarkHong7/1/2004 11:45:12 PMGreat idea!
609JenniferSteiner7/6/2004 11:38:51 AM
610CathyFletcher7/6/2004 3:30:04 PM
611JamesChen7/13/2004 10:59:45 PMNeed better DFA
612PaulVerberne7/16/2004 2:54:13 PM
613CandaceD'Agnolo7/20/2004 12:46:14 AMWe have such great dog friendly areas on the northside. The southside should also beable to have areas where their dogs can play freely and socialize with other dogs. Socializing dogs is one of the best things you can do for them!
614TheresaSullivan7/21/2004 12:47:19 PM
615LauraKemphues7/21/2004 2:56:43 PMPlease let us know how we can help!
616KathleenCarr7/22/2004 11:01:26 AM
617ArthurWeathers7/26/2004 1:37:53 PMI fully support any dog park in the South Loop area of Chicago. Southwest Grant Park seems to be an ideal area (Roosevelt and Michigan).
618EmilyStoddard8/2/2004 1:39:41 PM
619CristinaPadlan8/4/2004 2:06:14 PM
620PatrickSimon8/8/2004 2:15:50 PM
621AlexOlin8/17/2004 10:21:42 AMNeed more dog friendly areas in the South Loop and RIVER WEST!
622AdamRicher8/23/2004 9:40:01 AM
623RichardGraeber8/25/2004 1:20:07 PM
624MariaPapa8/26/2004 11:24:10 AM
626MartyHurley8/30/2004 10:42:08 PMYES! I have a dog and I understand the need for a dog park larger than the one on 14th Wabash (if you can even call that a dog park). I am among other south loop/burnham dog owners that although I do walk Winter (a large Samoyed) all up and down the lake, there is a definate need for a dog park near the safe well lit Michigan ave. park area with a large open grassy space that just needs to be fenced in. Dogs like to run and it is very difficult to take him places to run around because I do not own a vehicle. I have contributed money to the fund to build a large fenced in dog area. Please make it happen soon.
627JasonWroble9/7/2004 12:28:36 AMSince the build up of Millenium Park there is getting to be less places to take my dogs.
628AvaGriffin-Burns9/7/2004 1:25:41 PMIt would be wonderful to have an off leash dog park on the south side. Hunter would really enjoy meeting and making new four legged friends.
629KristenBardou Loyd9/8/2004 1:20:28 PMA dog park is desperately needed in this area. Please consider this request. Dog parks keep owners and their dogs safe and help build community among dog owning humans. Thank You
630NatalieWojcik9/9/2004 3:22:36 PM
631FabianaZani Lascon9/12/2004 10:58:47 AM
632TonyLascon9/12/2004 10:59:23 AM
633RickWeingart9/25/2004 1:50:16 PMwould love to learn more about where the permanent dog park will be eventually. Thanks!
634ShanaMarshall9/28/2004 8:08:25 AMWe need a dog park!!
635CarissaFaron10/6/2004 12:06:21 PM
636KellyGoetz10/6/2004 11:35:49 PM
637VidalCruz10/8/2004 2:57:02 PMMija and I just moved into the neighborhood and truly appreciate this effort. The pooch playgound helps build a sense of community. It has also been my experience that "dog people" are compassionate, caring people who clean up after their companions. Play dates are great for our pooches and for us humans!
638JessicaSeck10/18/2004 2:22:36 PM
639mikenosik10/23/2004 12:00:11 PMMy girlfriend and I are thinking about moving down to the South Loop but we're concerned that there won't be ample space for the dog. I understand the development plan that are on the books and I think it's time for the city to step in and tell the developers that we need to hold x-amount of land for park/dog parks/etc. It only makes sense and will help make the community that much more attractive. Everyone will benefit from this.
640MegganYoupel11/24/2004 10:33:39 AM
641DestanSmith12/3/2004 2:44:57 PMThere need to be more dog parks all over the city, especially the south side. If I want to take my dog to the park (dog safe environment) I have to drive up north. I'm signing this that in hopes it will help!
642HeatherOConnor12/5/2004 12:39:39 PM
643LauraFilan12/22/2004 2:25:04 PM
644DanaWinrow12/26/2004 10:17:43 AM
645MatthewHerman2/13/2005 11:02:56 AMI have two dogs and there is a dog park near where I live and I can't imagine how much less happy my dogs and therefore I would be if there weren't a dog park nearby.
646JenniferNewberry2/13/2005 11:05:03 AMDog parks are great. And it isn't about us doting on dogs either, it's about us the owners. Just like there are golf courses and marinas for people who like to golf and sail there should be places for dog owners to pursue recreation as well. And the dogs like it too.
647JillbyCarlson3/3/2005 12:19:17 AM
648elizabethgain3/22/2005 1:37:05 PM
649Roschelle Robinson3/27/2005 2:15:34 PM
650BrianHill3/27/2005 3:52:06 PM
651sandrasoroka4/2/2005 8:10:51 PM
652ScottHarney4/8/2005 4:16:53 PMThe area used as a dog park at Desplaines and Van Beuren was locked with a padlock yesterday by the Dept. of Transportation. We were the only people keeping the area clean!
653PenelopeHarney4/9/2005 9:01:28 PMDogs need a safe place to play.
654KelleyHarris4/16/2005 10:02:27 PM
655AngelaNewberg4/19/2005 2:33:43 AM
656ScottMcDaniel4/24/2005 9:51:01 PM
657WendyMiller4/26/2005 10:36:53 PM
658AlishaSalley5/3/2005 12:58:40 PMThis new dog park is a great solution!
661MichaelBelsley5/19/2005 10:48:54 PM
662ElisseCornell6/16/2005 5:25:10 PMThis is needed so very badly!!!
663TonyaWeger6/21/2005 6:27:51 PMLooking forward to playing with the hounds at the Bark Park!
664DeborahKoncz6/25/2005 6:34:15 AMI recently moved here from the suburbs and I cannot believe how many dogs live in the city! We need a doggie park REAL BAD!!!
665jorgeLopez7/1/2005 11:04:36 PM
666danielstephens7/3/2005 12:05:49 AM
667JoeSchneider7/5/2005 12:40:59 PMWe need a dog park 4 times the size of that one and it should have grass!
668KarenKovacs7/8/2005 1:42:44 PMI have moved from Madison Wisconsin. All I can say is that a dog park where dogs can run off leash is the only wonderful thing to do for them. They need that over any other amenity you can think of. I would be happy to sign your petition.
669Luis Oviedo7/8/2005 8:05:37 PM
671ChristineMelendes7/20/2005 5:19:32 PMDog parks = fun for everyone!
672MonikaKowalska8/3/2005 12:30:48 PM
673JeanetteJohnson8/3/2005 11:54:58 PM
674MikeWindish8/5/2005 4:32:25 PMLet's budget some of that Millenium Park money for the dogs !
675VincenzaDamico8/12/2005 3:01:21 PM
676TedErikson8/19/2005 11:29:58 AMAnd there should also be designated swimming areas for dogs!!!!
677DeniseHelsper9/21/2005 7:08:39 AM
678ElisabethLacey9/22/2005 6:27:58 PM
679LaurieWerner9/27/2005 10:42:24 AMMUST have more dog-friendly areas in South Loop. Lifestyle attractions are what bring $$$$$ to any area and South Loop desperately needs to become competitive in this issue Thank you, Laurie Werner
680julie jacob11/5/2005 5:13:42 PMmore dog parks!!
681NishaGabriel11/12/2005 10:51:25 AM
682BrandonElliott11/12/2005 10:51:46 AM
683RobertoCruz12/7/2005 2:04:09 PMI was born on the South Side of Chicago and when I was a kid we moved to Suburbs. My parents finally let me have a dog, well because I brought him home. He became part of the family and was loved by all. Having a Rotti was my dream since I was a kid. Well I am all grown up now, my best friend pasted away a year ago to cancer, I moved back to the South Side of Chicago (Bridgeport), and recently got a puppy Akita mixed with Siberian Husky! No one could take the place of my first dog but I love dogs and could not see myself with out a friend like that in my life. We take our walks but it would be great to have a Dog Park where he can run free and meet some friends. Dogs are always in the news for bad things and I don't think any breed is bad. We need more places like dog parks so like humans they could socialize! The north side and suburbs have their share of dog parks; it is time for the South side to get a nice Dog park!
684RonSzymczyk12/28/2005 6:22:37 PM
685TracyHamilton1/3/2006 11:07:18 PMI recently moved from the North Side to the Beverly neighborhood on the south side, and was just lamenting the terrible lack of dog friendly areas ANYWHERE nearby. With the tremendous development and growth of the South Loop in recent years...I absolutely can't believe there aren't several dog parks! People complain about dogs running off leash in parks, etc, but there are so few places provided for dogs to exercise 'legally' in the city. It's even more difficult for those of us who follow leash laws...while owners of off-leash dogs give us all a bad name! The bottom line is that there would be much fewer issues if dogs had designated play-spaces.
686CarissaFaron1/16/2006 3:37:12 PM
687GeoffKorrub1/16/2006 5:51:20 PM
688missystewart1/25/2006 9:27:51 PM
689ryanholub1/27/2006 10:56:06 AMI have 2 dogs and all of us need this!!
690ryan WILSON1/27/2006 10:56:41 AM
691SusaMorrison2/6/2006 12:10:05 PM
692RussellBodnar2/7/2006 3:18:46 PM
693kaitemccullough2/20/2006 5:24:03 PM
694RachelFeigle2/24/2006 11:14:19 AM
695JenneWise3/13/2006 12:17:09 PM
696Nicholas Dodaro 3/14/2006 10:55:48 AM
697Jeremi Bryant3/14/2006 4:40:50 PM
698AndreaWier3/18/2006 6:03:22 PM
699JenniMiller3/20/2006 12:34:34 PM
700JohnWillis3/22/2006 10:04:00 PM
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