This way to Dog P.A.C.

We are proud to announce that on April 8, 2006 we had the official ground breaking ceremony for the new Grant Bark Park. Channel 7 News was on location and covered the story (VIEW VIDEO). We would like to thank everybody who signed the petition (nearly 600 neighbors) as well as all the members of Dog P.A.C. We would like to extend a very special thanks to Gail Merritt for all her time and effort. If it wasn't for Gail none of this would have happened.

We are keeping the names of all the folks who signed as well as the petition online (SEE BELOW) to see how we made it happen. This is grassroots! Power to the Pooches.

South Loop Dogs

We believe that the entire South Loop community would benefit from a park system that provides space designated for the exercise and social needs of dogs in the community.

The heavy dog use of Dearborn, Roosevelt and Cotton Tail Parks reflects the inadequacy of the one park space within the community that is designated as "dog friendly." The size, design and location of the "dog park" at
14th and Wabash cannot meet the needs of the dogs in our community.

As our community grows, the parks' capacity to meet the needs of all residents will be exceeded unless a different approach is take

This petition requests the Chicago Park District to establish in the South Loop such an approach, which may include a new "dog friendly park" and designated "dog friendly areas" within existing parks.

Features that help create a friendly dog park or area include: Enough space for dogs to run after a thrown ball, ground material other than concrete - preferably grass, trees for shade, park benches, trash receptacles, signage explaining rules of park, double-gated entrance and a water fountain.
We, the Undersigned, agree with the above petition.

Sign another petition for a D.F.A. at Winnemac Park (bordered by Foster, Damen, Argyle and Leavitt) on the north side of the City.

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