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In Memory of: Tipster

Deborah & Greg


November 1988 - June 2003
My loyal companion of fourteen years has gone on to puppy heaven where there's plenty of sun and an unlimited supply of dog treats. Tipster followed me home on my birthday in May 1989 when he was just five months old, and has rarely left my side since then, including joining me for numerous trips cross country in my old pick up truck and making the daily trek to the office and back for the last ten years. After living in different places around the country, we finally settled in the South Loop Chicago. Tipster loved the city life with all his puppy friends, an endless stream of squirrels, and plenty of spring-time mud puddles to wallow in. He is deeply missed.

Thanks to Jon Perry for his generous donation to South Loop Dogs in memory of Tipster.


Tipster Tipster, Greg & Deborah

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