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Rocky Buster Boss (Rocky)


Laura & Joe

Date of Birth:
Boston Terrier

Rocky is well known in the neighborhood and was well received by all the neighbors in the South Loop. He loves people, children especially, and most dogs. His favorite past time is visiting Animal House. However, it is not to get treats, but to get the love and attention from Darlene and her staff.

Rocky hails from Georgia and had his first plane, car and cab ride at the age of 7-weeks. We were very surprised at how big he got, considering he was only 6-inches tall and weighed about 3-lbs when he was purchased.

Rocky is CKC registered and his full name is Rocky Buster Boss. Buster Boss is his Father's name. We picked the name Rocky because we wanted him to have a tough name for such a little guy. His Mother's name is Lil Rosie. Rocky has surpassed his parents in size (he is 38 lbs). His parents each weighed about 20-25 lbs.

One last thing, because we could certainly drone on and on about Rocky, he won 3rd prize in the costume contest at the 2000 Pet Parade. We can't wait for next year's parade and am already thinking about tricks and costumes for Rocky.


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