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Date of Birth:
  I adopted Inky in January 1992 from a pet store in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I went into the pet store to purchase food for my lizards Ronald Reagan and George Bush and my goldfish Tip O'Neill (my political pets as I referred to them) and I walked out of the store's door with Inky. I forgot the food for my other friends. We've been best friends ever since.

Inky has traveled and/or lived in eight states, so you can say he is a cosmopolitan puppy. He is also an accomplished soccer player and would make a great defender for the Chicago Fire soccer team. I am certain that if he couldn't get the ball passed the opposing team, he would use other skillful tactics like kissing them to death. He loves jerky treats, cookies, flowers, the Animal House Pet store, sleeping, and cuddle time. Although he loves his doctor, Dr. J.B. Bruederle, he doesn't like it when Dr. Bruederle clips his paw nails and cleans out his fuzzy ears. For a little fella, he can be quite cantankerous at the doctor's office.


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