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Indy Indy & Richard

Indy loves to chase rabbits, squirrels, ducks and birds. I don't know what he would do if he ever caught one.

His name is Indy because he was found roaming the stands of the Indianapolis 500 on race day in 1991. We guess he was about 6 months old then. Someone had drugged him or fed him liquor - he could hardly walk and he had to be spoon-fed water. He finally passed out at my feet and the roar of the race cars couldn't wake him. After the race, we couldn't find an owner, there were no lost dogs reported and the track security people couldn't care less about him. Animal Control reported no lost dog with his description so we took him home to Chicago.

While he was intoxicated he was the calmest dog you've ever met. When he sobered up, he showed his true personality. Indy was so wild and playful and bad, we nicknamed him "Devil Dog". It's been 9 years now and he'll be with us until his last day; even major decisions - such as where to buy a condominium - were influenced by Indy. Actually, Indy had more influence over that decision than our children did!

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